GUZA A dynamic healthcare consulting company with access to expert resources
to assist with operational, planning, capacity building and transactional
support needs of the pharmacies, professionals and other healthcare

How We Are Structured

Composed of experts in pharmacy regulatory affairs ( Certified in Dossier evaluation & GMP with long years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector including the National Regulatory Body ), clinical pharmacy, pharmaco-epidemiology & social Pharmacy, supply chain, marketing & business administration and other healthcare professionals.

Our firm's vision is to create a dynamic organization that thrives on solving problems in the pharmaceutical ( Regulatory & Service ) and the health care system with lasting solutions for our clients within the legal and technical framework of our country, while providing a professionally fulfilling and rewarding platform for the esteemed professionals in the sector.



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Our Services

Regulatory Services

Registration and follow up of medicines, medical equipment and supplies ...

Business Consulting

Market Analysis, Market Share, Competitor
Analysis ...


Clinical pharmacy Practice ( Short Courses ),
Dispensing Practice ...